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Tayto Hunky Dorys TV ad

05 Jun 2021

Meet Christie, the Crinkler. The man with the natural born gift to crinkle Hunky Dorys!

Today we are delighted to announce the release of the latest Tayto Hunky Dorys TV ad!

The story behind the campaign comes from the simple fact that crisps as intense as Hunky Dorys couldn’t be made using the ‘usual’ methods. There’s an undeniable passion behind each taste battering sensation. And that passion comes from a very special employee working on the Hunky Dorys’ production line. He’s known as ‘The Crinkler’.

Played by Darren Conway, Christie the Crinkler is one in a lifetime. Born with the ‘gift to crinkle’ he screams motivation into these tasty morsels as a matter of principle. He’d even do it for free – as his auld lad’ once said ‘Go Hunky Dorys or Go Home’.


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