Hula Hoops

Hula Hoops is one of Ireland’s favourite snacks

Known for its mega crunch, delicious flavours and unique ability to fit on fingers, Hula Hoops was first launched in 1973. Since then it has continued to evolve and spread fun across the nation. As well as Original Hula Hoops, you can also now buy Big Hoops for bigger crunch, alongside light Hula Hoops Puft and Flavarings for big bursts of flavour.

From Impulse to Multipack formats, you’ll find a bag full of Hoops fun to suit everyone and every occasion.

Our Classic Range

BBQ Beef
Salt and Vinegar
Cheese & Onion

Our Multipack Range

Salt & Vinegar 6 Pack
Variety 6 Pack €2
BBQ Beef 6 Pack
Variety 6 Pack
Original 6 Pack

Our Puft Range

Salt & Vinegar
Sweet Chilli

Our Flavarings Range

Salt & Vinegar
Tangy Cheese

Our Big Hoops Range

BBQ Beef

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