Our Factory

World Class Manufacturing

Based in Ashbourne, Co Meath, our factory comprises of almost two acres of high quality machinery, systems and processes managed by a team of seasoned professionals – all dedicated to making the best tasting snacks possible. Exceptional standards, quality control and first-class ingredients blend together to deliver outstanding, sustainably-made snacks for consumers.

Highest International Standards

Our facility is accredited to ISO45001 for Occupational Health & Safety) and we were one of the first businesses to adopt and achieve this new global standard. We are fully certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) as well as the American Institute of Baking (AIB). At Tayto Snacks, we have always been leaders in manufacturing and were the first crisp and snack manufacturer in the world to achieve ISO50001 certification in Energy Management & Sustainability.

Driven by Professional Expertise

Tayto is Ireland’s favourite snack for a reason – our people. Every single member of our production team believes in our core principle of doing the best possible job in order to consistently make superior quality products. In fact, many of our colleagues are second and third generation which only adds to the passion, consistency and drive of our workforce. We truly value their expertise, skills, and drive – and they are the ones who really make it happen all day, every day.

Seamless Operations

Our factory operates potato fryers for our flat, crinkle and kettle products and extruders and pellet expansion for our speciality snack products. We also have specialist popcorn machines and full warehousing on-site. Operating 24 hours per day, we produce potato varieties like Lady Rosetta, Lady Jo, Sassy and Lady Claire. Many of our farmers are second and third generation suppliers, who live within 20 miles of the factory and deliver to us daily.

Made to Taste Great

Once the potatoes come through our factory doors, they are washed, peeled and thinly sliced. They are then cooked in pure hi-oleic sunflower oil and flavoured with our unique seasonings. Our recipes are a closely-guarded secret going back over 50 years but you can assured we are sourcing all flavours and ingredients with care and sustainability. All snacks are then packed and prepared for sale nationally.

Quality Comes First

To guarantee great-tasting products, we work to very precise specifications. Automatic and visual checking happens systematically at every stage of production. We automatically screen all incoming potatoes by colour and we do this again after cooking. We taste the finished product every hour to make sure it is to our quality standards our customers expectations. At Tayto, quality comes first and we are committed to providing the highest quality standard of snacks in Ireland, for our customers everywhere.

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